What is ByteART?

ByteART is focused on research of physical art value of Blockchain. On the shelf, which was bred under the background of Blockchain technology, it provides a new platform for the dissemination of creative value in the field of art, and the combination of Blockchain and art will be an indispensable and important key factors in the future art development.

ByteART is powered by technology 
of encryption to provide artists and collectors with a high-quality art resource exchange platform. With the new innovative business model and pioneering artistic vision aim to address the new wave of art collections.

Latest Masters

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How Does
Blockchain Work?
  • NFT and ART
    NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a Non-Fungible digital asset with unique and irreplaceable attributes, standardization, versatility, liquidity and especially programmability, making NFT assets unique. ByteART uniquely generates a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) for every Artwork published. The Ethereum ERC-721 standard is the main standard for non-fungible digital assets, and common NFT applications include artworks, collectibles, game items, certificates, domain names, etc.
  • Certificate of Artworks
    Every artworks creation on ByteART is signed by the artist and permanently recorded and verified through the Blockchain. After the creation was issued with Non-Fungible Token (NFT), on top of this unique NFT digital string, the artist also gave the artwork with a physical certificate, clearly describes the creation information of the artwork, autographs and so on, both NFT and the artwork certificate uploaded to the decentralized database.
  • For Collectors
    The value of NFT is not only reflected in the Tibetans can control their own rights and interests, it can also be the real works of the generalization, forming a value interconnected, information-connected digital asset world. Because of NFT's non-homogenization and non-splitting properties, it can anchor real-world artworks. Blockchain NFT-based works of art are verifiable, transferable, segmental, have better market liquidity, and make it easier to achieve value swaps with other non-similar assets.
Business Model


Every artwork available through ByteART is an authentic and truly unique artwork creation, signed and issued by the Artist — made possible by Blockchain technology to a global art collectors.