For Collectors

NFT does not give the underlying object additional value, NFT is a value carrier, and does not affect the value consensus of the upper label itself, "it provides a change in the form of the value carrier, not the change of the target itself." Therefore, it is necessary to form a value consensus of its own object before NFT can exert the superiority of the carrier. 

The essence of NFT is the certification of physical assets, which is now more used in the field of art and gaming assets. The combination of art and capital, one of the business models, by the art sharing, the exchange becomes a cultural products to achieve the popularization of investment function platform, each investor can hold a part of the art property rights, share the value-added. 

As a result, it not only lowers the financial threshold for art investment, but also reduces the risk of identification and valuation, and enables mass investors to participate.


Today, Blockchain offers a richer range of possibilities for art. On top of that, the non-tamperable characteristics of Blockchain can confirm the rights of art, but also to a certain extent to obtain the stability of art valuation and quick liquidities.